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Nexov is currently involved in a diverse group of projects to lever the expertise of our team and mentors

Geothermal in Oil and Gas

Nexov is currently working on an initial feasibility study for the Canadian Energy Museum geothermal system from nearby well-pad.


We're looking to collaborate with other stakeholders to further develop geothermal energy as a business optimization project within the oil and gas industry.


Emission Reduction Opportunities

Nexov worked on a techno-economic assessment for emission reduction opportunities from Canada's LNG Production System.

This work is done in collaboration with Patro Research Ltd and Clearstone Engineering Ltd.


Machine Learning

Nexov is devising methods to unleash our take on machine learning within the oil and gas industry. Through constant communication with producer data hubs, we aim to dissect, analyze and display trends that shorten decision making and create clearer paths from A to B.


Data Analytics

Nexov brings its best foot forward in assisting innovative projects in reaching their goals. Through the creation of informative dashboards and visuals showcasing key parameters, our aim is to help you make the greatest impact.

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