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Deep Green

Your free geothermal heating potential finder.


What is Deep Green?

What is Deep Green?

Deep Green is a free tool that allows you to evaluate your geothermal potential through oil and gas wells within Alberta. 

Deep Green's

Energy Snapshot

Demand makes the world go round - With Deep Green, you can learn about the energy demand for space heating within your area.

Deep Green's

Wells and Pools

Step into the mind of a petroleum engineer - With the detailed well and pool analysis, you can learn more about parameters that make a difference when evaluating for geothermal potential.


Learn more about status, directionality, and depth of wells in your area.

Deep Green's

Geothermal Potential

Connect with us to pursue a high-level assessment of geothermal energy from your local wells and learn more about your area's contribution to GHG reductions.

Why Deep Green?

Albertans should have enough information to make the right decisions. Geothermal energy, traditionally, is described as an alternative source of renewable energy associated with very hot, deep and tectonically active regions used for power generation. However, Alberta's geothermal potential lies in accessing warm water by utilizing existing oil and gas infrastructure in the region for heating purposes. The province has the required technology and expertise for converting this geothermal opportunity into a secure, local, renewable energy supply to meet the economic demands and the growing population.


NEXOV believes in the possibility of heating a lot of communities through this legacy infrastructure. We hope you see the possibilities too.  



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